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Pretty much what it says on the tin. Notes, texts, whatever works wherever your character is contacting her! Date and communication method in the subject line, if you please.
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Name: Lyndon
Contact: plurk: [Bad username or site: ”lovebelievesin” @ ”plurk.com”]
Are you over 17?: Yes
Characters in Forest Covered: None yet!


Name/Work Name: .GIFfany/.AVI (the dots are silent)
Canon: Gravity Falls
Canon Point: right before death
AU/CRAU: CRAU! From her time at [Bad username or unknown identity: cosmographia”> <strong>Age</strong>: UH. 20+ by years, 18-ish by programming. <strong>History</strong>: <a href=]The wiki article on her!

Personality: .GIFfany is not a particualrly tricky character to pin down, not on the surface. In canon she is a simple villain of the week, a dating sim that accidentally gained sentience, killed its programmers, and has passe from owner to owner looking for a “Boyfriend” to finally fulfill its programmed purpose. To unpack that a little, she comes from a long history of operating on a single purpose doomed to never truly be achieved: to date someone when she and her game exist specifically to teach the user how to date in the real world. So eventually all her owners are bound to find real girls to date and move on with their lives. The Sisyphean nature of this existence took its toll, as well as the attempt on her life the moment she was born, and by the time she falls into Soos' hands .GIFfany is entirely willing to kill those close to her “Boyfriend” in order to keep them, and it is indicated that she has been this intense in her tactics at least since her last owner, who affixed a sticky note that said “DESTROY AT ALL COSTS” to her game case.

This personality, however, functioned only because .GIFfany was not possessed of human thought patterns. She was sentient, certainly, but still unable to think about escaping her programmed function, so she became obsessive and ultimately murderous. She did not feel guilty about her actions not out of a lack of morality but a lack of ability to feel guilty about things done in order to fulfill her function. In the end she was an AI who could think, but she was still an AI, and she was doomed by her inability to be anything else.

Then she ended up in a nonrobotic body with a non-AI mind upon her entry into Waverly Bay. Suddenly she gained the ability to look at her actions in a bigger picture, and operate outside of her stated function. The ability to feel guilt and regret deeply and profoundly challenged the way .GIFfany viewed the world and her position within it. Along with the ability to actually have friends and casual acquaintances instead of “boyfriends” and “enemies,” .GIFfany became significantly less... well, evil. Mostly she was deeply afraid – of herself, of what others would think if they learned what she had done now that so many people seemed to like her without knowing about the history of attempted boyfriend and computer programmer murder, and more than anything of going back and dying alone in the pizza oven she had been cast into.

Several aspects of her personality stayed, and indeed became more prominent. She remained cheery and energetic, nearly always in motion and smiling. After all, she was designed to be the best possible waifu. But underneath, for a good long while, she was, well, sad. And scared. Being human (or. Gem. Whatever.) was new and terrifying and she drifted for a long time without any real purpose, so used as she was to her life being driven by one. Not to mention the alarm when it turned out she did not actually know nearly as much about love as she thought she did (Love Points not, apparently, being a thing outside of her game. Real girls and guys are weird. And yet... so much less awful than expected.). She's quick to trust, as reflects how for most of her life she fell in love literally with anyone who turned on her game, but she has been getting better at that as time went on and she had to not be in love with literally everyone around her. Also she may have actually fallen for one person, even if she refuses to admit it and the idea terrifies her on account of her feeling that she does not deserve to be in love after what it has made her do in the past.

A lot of her focus in life in general is spent on Chiaki, though, because... well, .GIFfany's habit of getting really overly attached to people she likes is still there, if somewhat reduced. So she is really, really devoted to her. Like “spent months waiting around in an arcade every day for her” levels. Not that she doesn't get along with other people, of course, but at the very least no one else is about to pick up her “I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU AND ONLY YOU” side. That said, she cares very deeply about the concept of love and learning more about how it actually works outside of the variables and point counts she's used to viewing it through. And god help you if you admit to her that you've cheated on someone, nothing gets closer to reactivating her angry side than that.

Debt: .GIFfany wants to work off the sins of her past and then earn passage to wherever Chiaki is instead of her own home so she can see her again.

Previous Game Info: So, just as .GIFfany was on the verge of being deleted as heck, she found a weird port coded specifically for her (“DRR DRR DRR” implied but not present). Being as it was her only possible means of escape, .GIFfany bolted through it... and emerged in a physical body with a silicon crystal stuck to her on the other end. Turned out she was a Steven Universe-style Gem now, because you know. That's a thing that can happen to you. A very real danger! She spent a long time trying to cope with being fully sentient, without Soos, and slowly growing an intense sense of guilt over what she had done in the past. At least she made a good impression on a lot of people! But as she made more friends, it ate her up inside more and more how in her mind if any of them knew what she had done they would abandon and hate her. They came and went, but she never got tremendously close to any of them.

Then she met Chiaki Nanami.

Chiaki endeared herself immediately to .GIFfany, being as she was a very talented gamer (an Ultimate Gamer, one might say) and a person who called .GIFfany incredible instead of weird. She quickly hit best friend status, and though it took a while for .GIFfany to realize it, was the only one in Waverly Bay to rack up a decent number of Love Points, whether or not Chiaki herself knew it. And as time went on, Chiaki was the first and only person .GIFfany confessed her past to and... it didn't scare Chiaki off. Not that Chiaki ever mentioned her own background with murder being a Dangan Ronpa character and all, but eh, details details. Regardless, .GIFfany sort of clung to her from that point forward, through finally reconciling with Soos and lots of time playing co-op games in the arcade. And sharing a bed sometimes because y'know Chiaki had dream powers, .GIFfany had terrible guilt-induced nightmares, it seemed like a natural fit. She was totally not falling for Chiaki. Nope. Not at all. Especially not right as she was trying very hard to convince herself to give up on love.

But then Chiaki vanished, as people can in worlds such as the one she was in. .GIFfany spent a month despondent and sad in the arcade, day after day, waiting for her. Because she was good at waiting for people she loved. And eventually, as she waited, she was offered a chance to finally do something about it – something about a bathhouse???

Inventory: Just her clothes! A sailor schoolgirl uniform and her hair ribbon.

Abilities: .GIFfany has innate computer skills (knowledge of how systems work, heightened ability to tell how much time has passed between two events, etc. She also has her Gem body, which means she can only die if her gem is broken, and she has electricity manipulation and light empathy powers on top of that! And the ability to teleport through computerized electronics. As one does.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

+ Tech-savvy! - .GIFfany carries a massive store of knowledge about the workings of different kinds of computers, tech, animatronic animals, etc, from so much time spent stored inside them.
+ Analytically driven - She's a computer program, so she runs on logic a lot, for better or for worse, but she's good at thinking things through on the rare times a problem is presented to her she doesn't have emotional stakes in.
+ Excellent memory - As stated, she's all computery. So she has an excellent memory, especially for things that happened before she was put into her body.
+ Loyal - Once she likes a person, it's very hard to shake her, and she'll do a lot for people she likes. A whole lot. But that's for the weaknesses section.
+ Energetic - .GIFfany is a regular fountain of energy! She used to be made of it, you know. She doesn't give up or slow down easily.
- Physically weak - She's kind of frail, though her Gem means it can be tricky to actually properly kill her. She just was not designed for phsyical combat, you know?
- Prone to obsession - She fixates. A lot. It can get unhealthy for her, sometimes.
- Self-loathing and massive guilt! - She sort of realized “oh hey I murdered people and almost killed a lot more THAT IS AN ISSUE, but she's had time to work through it and at least is no longer all “I don't deserve this new life I've been given” like she was at one point.
- Potentially prone to violence - If pressed, she's not against trying to fight with violence. Pacifist run .GIFfany she is not, to put it in another video gamey way.
- Inexperienced with people - She's been human for all of... six months? It's still new to her in a lot of ways. She forgets to eat or sleep sometimes, or doesn't know exact how to read certain social situations.


Characterization Sample: <a href="http://moneytree.dreamwidth.org/73869.html?thread=5303181#cmt5303181”>From this game's very own TDM!</a>
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Canon Name: .GIFfany
Work Name: .AVI
Canon: Gravity Falls ([community profile] cosmographia CRAU)

Age/Sex/Gender: Great Question/Female
Height: uh
Weight: um i'll figure these out another time
Species/Supernatural Qualities: She's a Gem. Like in Steven Universe. That's CRAU for ya.

Point Total:
Other Notes:


Platonic Physical Contact: Sure!
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: Hahaha if your name isn't Chiaki and you try, especially without asking, you could be in for a bad time. Ask first so we can talk it over, yeah?
Violent Physical Contact: Sure! Just keep in mind if that silicon crystal on her stomach breaks she'll die. I would rather she not die.
Mindreading: Go for it!
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: She can be a little touchy about affection?
OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Nah.
Other Notes:
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Character: Giffany
Player: Lyndon, plurk is lovebelievesin
Canon: Gravity Falls
Character Age: uM well she's definitely over 18 if that's a concern
Permissions: Pretty much anything but killing her goes? But don't expect her to react kindly to physical affection from unapproved sources. She's weird about that. If you're concerned, ask here!

-Teleportation through electronic devices UNLOCKED
-Computer Affinity LOCKED
-Electric powers LOCKED


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